My First Post

This is my first post to my brand new blog I set up because of my Etsy Shop, that has been up and running for almost a year now.

I love sewing, quilting, and crafts, I also love cook books, I don’t cook much but I love collecting cook books. My love of reading and collecting old books has turned into boxes and boxes of craft, quilting, sewing, patterns, and cook books collected over many years from garage sales, estate sales, friends, and more.  My cats love the boxes but I have made up my mind to start sharing some of these old books so The Old Oak Chair was born.  The cats will love hiding in the empty boxes just as much as they loved laying on top and hiding behind the full boxes.  There are some that I can not part with but I hope that you will enjoy some of these old books and patterns that I have put up on my shop.

If you have purchased one of my books or patterns and have used them to make something post a picture, I would love to see what you have done.



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