Sewing Room Remodel

I have been away for a long time so it is time to get back to this now that I have something to blog about.  I am going to take you along on my sewing room remodel.  I have been building a Pinterest Board for a long time planning on how to set it up and pinned ideas that I liked.  I also have a note pad that I have been jotting ideas in and scratching out diagrams for a while now.  Check out my New Sewing Room Board on Pinterest   I think I have more plans for the room than I have space to fit, well we will see as we progress.  I took some photos of before I got started, the room was packed with fabric, boxes, and bags, actually it was a catch all room.  I think I am too embarrassed to post the before pictures, maybe later.  I’ll photo as I go along though.

I started out with these great 16 inch wire shelves that I thought would be so cool, NOT for me as it turned out.  My cats jumped up on the lower shelves, squeezed between the piles of fabric then walked along the back of the piles leaving cat hair on all the fabric.

I have some DO’s and DON’Ts, I will list as I progress.

  • DON’T number 1: Do not use 16 inch wide wire shelves for fabric.  I tried to fold fabric so that it was narrow and long which worked okay for large pieces, but the smaller pieces got lost.  If you want to use wire shelves try the 12 inch wide or less.  I put them on my East wall then around the corner and on the South wall, didn’t like how the corner came out either.

I didn’t want to sort everything as I cleaned out the room so I just got a ton of boxes and packed everything into boxes and bags and stashed them along the walls in my bedroom, down the hall, and down the stairs.  Okay I really feel like a hoarder!  I have almost everything out except a couple of pieces of furniture that are going to stay, they are in the center of the room.   Now to get rid of the wallpaper, I have been scraping, spraying with water solutions, and scraping more for days and days.  I think it would have been faster if I just removed the walls and put up new drywall.  (Did I mention my house was built in 1926 and the walls are all lath and plaster and it is a major project to remove them.)  One of the walls has at least 3 layers of wallpaper with paint between.  The lower portion of the walls have this ugly dark olive green paint, another section of wall has not only the olive green but above that is a dark rust red.  I am going to have to paint several coats of primer to cover it before I put finish paint on the walls.

Now that the wallpaper is gone, I am washing all the old paste off the walls.  Let me rephrase that, I am scrubbing off the old paste and bits of paper residue. The one wall with the multi layers is still peeling little bits at a time.  As soon as I get it washed and any loose pieces are gone I have some special paint to stop the peeling.  I will take some photos tomorrow and try to post them so you can see where I am.





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